• Automatic Text Book Side Pinning Machine

Automatic Text Book Side Pinning Machine


Automatic Text Book Side Pinning Machine


When Textbooks under gone for binding process, huge size thickened books can’t stick together by the help of adhesive. To make the perfect stickiness additionally wire stitching has to be done before binding work. To accomplish that wire stitching work automatically this machine will help us.

Main Benefits:

  • Rigid Structure.
  • PLC Programmable operating system gives high accuracy in process.
  • HMI touch screen operating panel makes machine as more user-friendly.
  • Servo Controlled drive system ensures the stitching to be done at exact way.
  • Less material Handling.
  • Hydraulic Pressing Gives good bonding in Pinning.

Technical specification:





    Max. Book Length

    350 mm.


    Min. Book Length

    150 mm.


    Book Thickness

    3 – 30 mm.



    1800 Books / Hour.


    Machine Power

    4.5 HP.


    Stitching Wire Capacity

    22 S.W.G to 18 S.W.G


    Side Glue System



    Power Supply

    415 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.


    Machine Dimensions

    2100 x 1550 x 1600 mm.


    Machine Weight

    870 Kgs. (Approx.)