• Automatic Paper Rewinding and Packing Machine (Jumbo Roll – Small Roll)

Automatic Paper Rewinding and Packing Machine (Jumbo Roll – Small Roll)



The machine is designed according to the market requirements by our company which is specialized in packing the cylindrical products with shrink film. The equipment has high efficiency, low-energy, stable performance, super long working life and saves significant cost of packaging film with the excellent design. Perfect sealing and scientific tunnel make the packing effect more beautiful.


  1. Siemens PLC programmable controller and Schneider HMI make operation easier.
  2. Levelling device: Clap the two ends of product to make the edge neatly and keep running straight before into the film web.
  3. Edge position device: Position the edge of the product rolls. Avoid the damage from the sealing bar.
  4. Film feed: Adopt step motor and driver, feed film automatically, more accurate and less film waste.
  5. Labelling system: Automatically labelling with adhesive label outside of packing film
  6. Film sealing: Adopt international leading technology's heat-sealing control system, reasonable mechanical structure and pneumatic execution make the packing bag incision smooth and strong with low-energy and high speed. The sealing wire only heating during the sealing jaw move down.
  7. Special shrink tunnel: With Rotating rollers, air circulation, electronic temperature control and heat insulation. Heating evenly with low-energy and make the packaging more beautiful.
  8. Safety devices: Fully safety guarded to "CE" standards, the device is equipped with safety devices and marks.

Technical Specifications:





    Max. Unwinding Diameter

    650 mm


    Max. Width

    1016 mm


    Max. Rewinding Outer Diameter

    150 mm


    Max. Unwinding outer Diameter

    650 mm


    Unwinding Inner Diameter

    3 Inches.


    Max. Machine Speed

    160 mtr/min.





    Roll Diameter

    25 – 70 mm


    Effective Width

    450 – 1016 mm


    Max. Speed

    65 Pcs/Min.


    Air Requirement

    4-6 Bar


    Motor Power

    30 KW


    Power Supply

    380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase.