•  Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine Falcon ELITE V8E

Automatic Fabric Spreading Machine Falcon ELITE V8E



Textile spreading is unwinding big fabric roles on a cutting table. Earlier, the manual spreading was performed by 2 to 3 persons and now it has been replaced with hi-tech spreading machines, which makes the fabric flat, tension free and smooth so that the edges are exactly aligned to ensure precise measurement and perfect finish while cutting the fabric. Pro-Falcons offers the advanced spreading machine with amazing control over the textile, even with the help of a remote operation. With our product, you can optimize the fabric consumption. The icon-driven interface is quite intuitive with the automatic and easy loading and unloading options.


1. Roll Fabric Device

Standard device, spreading roll fabric, automatically adjusting the edge curling and elastic tension.


2. Custom-made Spreading Height (optional)
It can be custom-made spreading height to 300mm and power cloth cradle for roller diameter to 850mm. With higher spreading cloth height and larger diameter of rolling fabric, it is suitable for spreading thick fabric, heightening cloth cradle, loose and thicker fabric respectively.


3. Fabric Compatibility
Suitable for knitting and woven fabrics, such as T-shirts, shirts, children’s wear, household clothes, toys, underwear, ironing board, cotton clothes, swimsuits, suit pants, jackets, jeans, etc.


4. Touch Technology
Specially design the humanized operation interface, equipped with touch screen.


5. Laid Fabric Device
The utility laid fabric device can solve the problem of disorderly folding and unevenness for grey fabric, laid fabric and bag fabric.


6. Intelligent Machine Stop
When fabric runs out in the cradle, the machine will run automatically back to original position and reset without manual intervention.


7. Automatic Servo Feeding System
Servo automatically follows the transmission device of driving cloth feeding roller, precisely matches with the main servo, prevents dragging, perfectly realizes tension-free fabric spreading, intelligently automatically adjusts the tightness, and the edge to edge spreading accuracy is controlled within 5 mm.


8. Automatic Edge Shifting Device
The invention patent can perfectly solve the edge curling problem of knitting, and achieve the curling edge levelling and tension releasing.


9. Photoelectric Anti-collision Device (optional)
Apply to larger size factories, automatically identify obstacles or human then stop running within setting distance.


9. Patented Tension Sensor Adjustment Device
Based on the combination of high-end chips and high-quality hardware, can perfectly realize tension-free spreading and make the edge to edge precision controlled within 5 mm.


Technical Specifications:

               Model No.



           Material Width

                           1900 mm

                           2100 mm

       Roll Diameter (Max.)

                            500 mm

                           500 mm

         Roll Weight (Max.)

                             80 Kgs.

                            80 Kgs.

        Drive Speed (Max.)

                                       One- Way 230 mm / Zigzag 160 mm

           Power Supply

                                                    1 KW, 220 V, 50 Hz.

             Table Width

                           2130 mm

                          2330 mm

       Machine Dimension

               2600 x 1650 x 950 mm

              2800 x 1650 x 950 mm