• Automatic Fabric Pattern Cutting Machine

Automatic Fabric Pattern Cutting Machine



1. Advanced multi-axis interpolation technology bringing from Europe, with Stable performance and high accuracy.


2. Research and Development of the transmission software, realized the multiple versions of transmission, form-feed cutting.


3. Adopting Italian linear straight rail and synchronous belt can ensure high precision, and achieve zero error in repeated cutting.


4. Work with any CAD software in Garment industry, shoes, industry, Bag Industry etc.

Technical Specifications:

               Model No.





  Effective Cutting Area (mm)

         900 x 600 mm

      1200 x 900 mm

    1500 x 900 mm

    1500 x 1200 mm

     Operation Properties

        Work with computer synchronously for quick data transmission, multi-page file in one time

      Roll Weight (Max.)

          Kraft cardboard, Ivory Cardboard, Red Cardboard, PVC Sheet, Fibrous Carboard etc.,


                         Multi-Function tool base, 8 sets setting for pen, kiss cut, full cut.,


            Tungsten Steel Blade (Full cut and Half cut), Pen (Gel-Ink Pen, Oil Pen, Ball Pen)

       Cutting Thickness

                                                                 Less Than 2mm

     Max. Cutting Speed

                                                                    1100 mm/s.

         Fixing Method

                                                                 Vacuum Suction.

      Repeat Precision

                                                              Less Than 0.01mm

     Software Resolution

                                                                 0.025, 0.01, 0.1


                                                                   Ethernet Part

        Buffer Memory

                                           Fast Transmission for multi-page large file

       Command Mode 


         Control Panel

                                                    Chinese/English LCD Button Panel

        Driving System

                                                             Step Motor, Straight Rail


                                                              AC 220V, 50 Hz, 2.5KW