• Automatic Fabric Labelling Machine

Automatic Fabric Labelling Machine


It is a fully Automated Software based Labeling machine. 


1. Printing label machine is a kind of pre-cutting automation equipment.


2. This machine prints thermal labels through industrial printers and pastes the cutting information (Text, Numbers, 2D codes) of the relevant layout on the paving fabric.


3. This thermal printing system is low cost, Environmental Protection.


4. In terms of cost, this function of labelling can save cost for customers in following three aspects;


  1. Customer can save the cost of Rack paper and Ink.
  2. Labour cost of carrying the shipping Rack.
  3. Plotter printing rack map and Manual handling time cost, etc.


5. It is having following interfaces

  • Device Debugging Interface
  • Company Contact
  • Speed Adjustment Interface
  • QR and Pre-Print mode interface
  • Laser Origin Correction