• Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine  Falcon  ELITE V8E

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine Falcon ELITE V8E



To suit to the needs of varying features and specifications in the Garment and Textile industries, Pro-Falcons offers the automatic fabric cutting machines, which are simple and easy to use machines, with a greater performance. Its efficiency, flexibility, smooth, fast and absolutely precise cutting that comes with a plenty of configurations and are always reliable. The advanced and innovative software controls the machines and hence the resultants are in superior quality.


1. Intelligent Blade Control Technology
With digital control cutter system, various cutting modes, suitable for various cutting processes.


2. Cooling Device
The blade equipped with cooling device to prolong the blade service life.


3. Punching Device
With servo motor drive, high penetration and high stability.


4. High Speed Cutter

Maximum speed 4500 r/min, maximum cutting speed up to 60 M/min, greatly improving cutting efficiency.


5. Unique Blade Grinding System
The built-in grinding device can automatically grind the blade and keep it sharp when cutter head shifting. With a high grinding efficiency, it has the advantages of cost saving for blade and abrasive belt consumption.


6. Blade Setting Device
With blade setting device, the cutter plate height can be adjusted by fabric height. It can prevent the fabric sliding & dragging, achieve accurate cutting.


7. Stable Mechanical and Electrical Systems
The integrated bedstead design, high stability and anti-interference. It is equipped with intelligent servo control system and world class brand electrical components which can insure reliability.


8. Conveyor with Vacuum Adsorption
It can ensure the negative pressure constantly, avoid the displacement of fabric moving or vacuum adsorption restarting, ensure the cutting accuracy.


Cutter Output Data Reference Chart:

       Product Category

                      Fabric Type

     Perimeter CM

   Expected Average           Output/Hour.


                Cotton / Polyester



   Suit Blouse and Trousers

    Wool / Polyester Containing Fabric



         Men’s Trousers

    Wool / Polyester Containing Fabric



         Men’s Jackets

    Wool / Polyester Containing Fabric




               12 Ounces Cotton




                     Knit Fabric




                  Airtight Fabric



        Children’s Wear

                     Knit Fabric



        Sofa/Sofa Bed

        Polyester Containing Fabric




Remark: The above production efficiency of cutter is calculated according to the 80% efficient working hours. That is subtracting 12 minutes from each hour. Besides, the output of cutter will also depend on the length of mark, snip, amount of drilled holes, times of blade lift up and down, qualifications and skills of operators, equipment maintenance etc. The final effectiveness might have little deviation.



Technical Specifications:

                        Model No.


              Effective Cutting Width

                                          2.0 Mtr.

             Effective Cutting Length

                                      2.0 / 2.5 Mtr.

             Sorting Conveyor Length

                                      2.0 / 2.5 Mtr.

                Max. Cutting Height

                 80 mm (After Vacuum Compression)

                Max. Cutting Speed

                                     100 m/min.

                Max. Acceleration

                                        1.5 KG.

                 Average Output

                                      12 m/min

      Max. Acceleration of Cutter Head

                                      2.4 m/sec.

                 Cutter Weight

                                      3300 Kgs.

                  Cutter Height

                                        80 CM.